Transform Anger: 12-Hour Anger & Domestic Violence Course

Transform Anger Into Calm,

Skilled & Peaceful Actions

Gain Calmer Thinking, Skillful Actions & Harmonious Relationships

This anger management course is designed to help you change your behavior by increasing your awareness of frustration while still at a low level. You will learn and practice the skills to stay calm and communicate effectively without angry outbursts.


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You can take the course at your own pace. If you would like to learn more about enrolling, what the next steps are and how our system works, please visit the "New Students Guide" page

Making a difference

"What an amazing course. I can’t explain how grateful I am for the things I’ve learned. You’re so easy to listen to and learn from. I really appreciate you for being here for me at this time in my life. I absolutely loved the course, great job putting it together.”

 -Transform Anger Graduate

Learn Useful Techniques

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. It provided a wealth of information and strategies for actually changing my thoughts, beliefs and behaviors in order to better control the effects my anger has on me and my family. The information wasn't overwhelming at all. It was concise, easy to understand, and very much adaptable to anyone's lifestyle. Thank you, Richard, for this important course.”

 -Transform Anger Graduate

Stop Regretting Your Actions

“Very interesting course. Asking myself if I’m in the pattern gives me an opportunity to think and calm down before I say or do something stupid that later on, I would regret. It will definitely help me in a lot of ways!”

 -Transform Anger Graduate

About the Instructor, Richard Chandler

Richard ChandlerMA, LPC Counselor

Hi, I’m Richard Chandler, MA, LPC, with a master’s degree in Adlerian counseling & psychotherapy. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Minnesota. One of my specialties is anger management therapy.

I apply my expertise, training, and counseling experience with anger therapy to help you no longer have angry outbursts. You can learn to recognize early on when you are escalating instead, find more skillful ways to communicate.

You can transform your life by enrolling and fully engaging in the Transform Anger course. I’m here to support you through that process by text and email; and, if needed, by phone.

Skillful Communication & Better Relationships

"Your anger management course provides knowledge and skillful communication to present your wants and needs to your partner and others. I will use the skills and techniques I learned for the rest of my life; in my workplace, at home, with my children, family and others."

 -Transform Anger Graduate

Practical & Useful Insights

“This course presented very useful insights into why and what contributes to my feelings of anger, and more importantly, how to clearly identify that I am in a pattern I need to address. The strategies for exiting or calming the pattern are very practical and have had an effect as I use and continue to develop them. I’m excited to apply the knowledge to my relationships.”

 -Transform Anger Graduate

The Online Learning Benefit

"This course has helped me to view things very differently, helping me to see how to effectively let go and walk away when needed. I have learned to leave the past in the past and learned new ways of discipline for my children. I am grateful that this course is offered online as I work full-time and have kids. Because I have been going through lots of court-ordered things, time to attend an in-person course was nonexistent!"

 -Transform Anger Graduate

What You Will Gain from Taking the 12-hour "Transform Anger" Course:

  • The knowledge and insight needed to start transforming anger into calm, peaceful communication
  • Access to me, Richard Chandler, MA, LPC, throughout the course
  • Self-paced instruction that you can start immediately and finish on your timetable
  • A Letter of Enrollment and Certificate of Completion to satisfy any legal requirements

Our 12-hour Certified Anger Management Course: Can I use this for mandated Anger Management classes?

Yes, our anger management course can be used for mandated classes. (Check to make sure a 12-hour online class qualifies.)

What you get from the course is below:

  1. Upon signing up, a letter of enrollment sent via email showing that you have enrolled, including an informative description of the anger management course curriculum.
  2. You may use the enrollment email to ensure the course is approved.
  3. I am available to answer any questions on the course contents and my credentials to teach it to your probation officer, attorney, or court clerk.
  4. I can inform your probation officer how this course is designed to help you no longer have angry outbursts.
  5. If the course is not approved (this is unlikely), I will promptly refund your entire tuition.
  6. The Transform Anger course also includes access to me, the course author, Richard Chandler, MA, throughout the course.
  7. A certificate of completion as soon as you finish the Transform Anger course.

Enroll Today

You can take the course at your own pace.

Learn To Think Before You Talk

“This course has helped me relax more. I now take the time to think about what to say to the person I am talking to, instead responding with my first thought.”   

 -Transform Anger Graduate

The Tools To Reverse Your Anger Pattern

“This course has given me the tools and techniques to use in reversing my anger pattern. I’m glad I took the course; the last few years I have been working my hardest to unlearn poor habits and break generational cycles. The Transform Anger course has given me more tools to use daily to be successful in this.”

 -Transform Anger Graduate

Identify Your "Triggers" So Anger Doesn't Escalate

“I came into this course anticipating that I may learn something helpful, but being that I fancy myself as being someone who is exceptionally level minded in most all circumstances I was doubtful that I'd take a "lot" from this course. I was surprised to find that I learned a "lot" and plan on reminding myself regularly about these lessons! Loved the concept of having a deep investigation into what my "triggers" may be, and having them written down so that when they do come up in the future I'll be more prepared to recognize them quicker, or even at all, before there is any escalation.”

 -Transform Anger Graduate

The 12-Hour Transform Anger & Domestic Violence Course Curriculum

(Video times shown) + Questions, Skills Exercises & Reflections = 12 hours of Certified Anger Management and Domestic Violence Training

Section I - Introduction, Overview & Intent for Taking this Course
  • Preparing to Transform Anger & Disclaimer (2:32)
  • Course Overview & What You Need to Succeed (9:11)
  • Your 1st Written Reflection on Your Intent in Taking "Transforming Anger" (5:27)
Section II - Fundamentals for Transforming Angry Outbursts Into Calm Thinking, Skillful Actions & Harmonious Relationships
  • Anything We Focus on Increases! (2:39)
  • The Story or Movie of Your Life (12:33)
Section III - Identifying Your Unique Anger Pattern
  • Identifying the Thoughts & Emotions of My Unique Anger Pattern (9:50)
  • Neuroplasticity and How it is Affected Positively or Negatively by Anger
  • Identifying the Physical Sensations of My Unique Anger Pattern (11:09)
  • Identifying the Behaviors and Style of Your Unique Anger Pattern (13:25)
Section IV - Leaving the Anger Pattern
  • How to Know When You are in Your Anger Pattern Sooner so You Can Walk Away (4:34)
  • How to Leave an Argument Before It Gets Even Worse (5:39)
  • How to Mentally Leave If You Can't Physically Leave & Accepting Responsibility for Indulging (4:51)
Section V - How to Stay: Grounding Down, Breathing & Continuing to Communicate Without Escalating
  • Determining If you Are in the Pattern, Determining to Stay or Leave + Nervous System Explained (9:18)
  • Discharging Your Nervous System while Standing, Sitting & Reclining(6:10)
  • Calming Your Nervous System through Grounding Down Techniques (7:12)
  • Deep Breathing Techniques to Increase Relaxation & Grounding(4:56)
  • Amplifying Relaxation from Deep Breathing by Adding the Word "Relax."
  • The Skill of Listening & Talking While Staying Grounded Down (6:33)
  • Quickly Grounding Down Scenarios (12:57)
Section VI - Dropping Anger-Promoting Beliefs: Embracing New Perspectives through Mental Flexibility
  • Dropping Anger-Promoting Beliefs: Embracing New Perspectives through Mental Flexibility (18:38)
Section VII - Perceptions of Threat and Underlying Trauma that Have Contributed to Angry Outbursts
  • Edited AC Trauma, Threat & Parts (10:37)
  • Shame-based Cognitive Distortions (5:21)
Section VIII - Reducing Frustration by Skillfully Communicating Your Wants & Needs to Others
  • Reducing Frustration by Skillfully Communicating Your Wants & Needs to Others (12:13)
Section IX - Understanding Power Dynamics, Abuse & Threatening Behavior
  • Understanding Abuse (5:13)
  • Equal Power Is Required For Healthy Relationships (8:22)
Section X - Mutual Respect, Support & Trust
  • Relationship Insecurity & Mistrust Can Increase Anger and Actions to Control Others (4:37)
  • Increase Support by Creating a Peaceful Environment (4:50)
Section XI - Shared Household & Parenting Fairness
  • Developing Balanced Relationship Responsibility
  • Shared Responsibility for Household & Finances
  • Equitably Shared Parenting Responsibility (7:48)
Section XII - Equality In Your Romantic & Sexual Relationship
  • Questioning Gender Inequity as Unfair Power
  • When Things Go Wrong... What is Fair? (4:51)
  • Romance, Sex & Power (5:31)
  • Guilt vs. Shame (6:39)
Section XIII - Locking in Your Progress & Continuing to Grow in Awareness & Life Success - Free of Anger
  • Locking in Your Progress & Continuing to Grow in Awareness & Life Success - Free of Anger (18:06)
  • Transform Anger: Course Evaluation

Refund Policy

If you're unhappy with the course, or the course is not accepted by your court jurisdiction, we'll promptly refund your investment. Please notify us of your request by email:

Note: refunds are not available 30 days after your purchase date, or after issuing your Certificate of Completion.

Enroll Today

You can take the course at your own pace. If you would like to learn more about enrolling, what the next steps are, and how our system works, please visit the "New Students Guide" page

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